Stabbed Over A Skateboard

Skateboards now seem to have more importance than the life of a person. Honor has taken its toll upon a man who was allegedly stabbed over the issue of who among them was the better skateboarder, according to reports from the Sheriff’s Office in Shasta County, California.
The midnight patrol team responded to a stabbing incident near 8600 Shoreline Drive at the Lazy Landing Mobile Home Park. An argument broke out between cousins 19 years old Noel Rhodes and 21 years old Robert Schornsten, who were drinking outside Rhode’s home and were joined by his wife, concerning who had superior skateboarding skills.
Robert reportedly kicked and hit Noel, who ran inside his home and locked his cousin out. Noel grabbed a kitchen steak knife fearing the safety of him and his wife. Robert managed to enter the house and a fight sued between the cousins when Rhodes had stabbed Schornsten in the back, on his side and cut his arm. Noel’s wife had made the 911 call to stop the two boys from fighting as things were turning serious.
When the Sheriff’s men found them they were dazed from the attack. The cousins were transported to the hospital for initial treatment to their injuries, however fortunately none of the wounds they suffered proved to be life threatening in any manner. Neither cousin was arrested; however there will be a report sent to the Office of the District Attorney where it will be subjected to further review.
This incident comes as news but owing to the hot – headedness of the cousins, and their age an argument turning bitter over skateboarding skills might not seem very uncommon. Noel’s wife, who is the only one with minimal physical injuries, will be taken for further questioning to determine the root cause of the outburst.