The best in the World

The MLB Baseball is a professional organization that is responsible for the game in North America and constitutes one of the four major sports leagues in the continent. It is the oldest league of the four major professional leagues in the continent and arguably the most popular.

The teams that play in the Major League operate in the National League and the American League, which operated as legally separated entities from 1901 and 1876 respectively. The two leagues were merged into a single organization under the new Commissioner of Baseball in 2000 and since then, the two leagues operate under the MLB banner.

There are minor league baseball teams that are overseen by the Major League clubs with around 240 teams operated by them.

MLB Baseball is composed of thirty teams now, twenty nine operating from the United States of America and one from Canada. Each season, the teams play a massive 162 games.

The top five teams from the American League and the National League advance to a four round post season tournament with the final culminating in a seven match season between the winners of the two leagues, known as the World Series that has been played since 1903 and is one of the most popular events of the sporting calendar, with the Philadelphia based 'Philies' having won more tournaments than anyone else.

The MLB Baseball is also one of the most popular televised events throughout the world with a massive television and radio broadcast audience all over North America.

The huge revenue the league receives from the broadcast rights and from sponsorship and gate receipts make it one of the most lucrative events in the sporting world and apart from the NBA Basketball, is one of the sports that can afford to pay the astronomical salaries that some of biggest stars in the game command and almost always get.