Baseball Tournament at Weley Barrow!

On Monday the Southwestern athletic conference has declared that it will embrace it’s after season tournament of baseball this year at Weley Barrow Stadium. The meeting that was held thought that the Urban Youth Academy will be a better option as otherwise the tournament was anticipated to be held at Lagrave Field in Texas.

In all the seven editions of the urban invitational tourney SWAC has send a minimum of one squad. This is the reason why SWAC has close relationships with the Urban Youth Academy. Southern university the rival of Grambling state has been told to attend the tourney.

On Monday the commissioner of SWAC Duer Sharp gave an authorized report and whispered that the main apprehension of the meeting will always be the happiness and strength of the participants. Sharp in a press release apologized to the coaches, fans families and the managers for the postponement and nuisance. And beside this he also said that the players fitness and relieve will always be their main anxiety.

From May 14-18 at the academy itself the SWAC tourney will take place, and the title fight game will be shown on ESPNU. This year the Alabama State has been the best team of the conference, showing a 21-3 mark in discussion.

The meetings leading power Grambling has went just 12-13 record this season against the team SWAC. Jackson state is the lone team of SWAC apart from Alabama State that can lay down the arena for thrilling after season tourney having a winning record of 27-23. Sharp believes that the New Orleans Major league Baseball Urban Youth Academy that is hosting the SWAC baseball tournament will provide their supporters and players a lot of experience and skill. Through the MLB Urban Invitational, the SWAC has been in close relation with the Urban Youth Academy.